Mountains Ozren Ozren is considered the least steep area of the Sarajevo region, and is a popular place for hikers and mountaineers. This entire area is covered by a number of different paths and hiking trails which connect several favorite outing sites: Barica, Čavljak, Crepoljsko, sftk-ply dot4 dot

Bukovik and Skakavac (grasshopper) Waterfall, which has been declared a natural monument in 1954.


Skakavac Waterfall is located 12km north of Sarajevo, just above the village of Nahorevo. It is the most interesting natural water feature in greater Sarajevo; as a branch of Babin potok (Granny’s Stream), it runs under the mountain Vranj (1800m) and then falls from the height of 98 meters. Its surroundings are exceptionally beautiful, and the vegetation on the rocks is abundant with endemic and relict species.


Skakavac can be reached from Nahorevo neighborhood through a 10km long mountain road. From Sarajevo, through the neighborhoods of Koševo and Jezero, you will reach Nahorevo. You can use a taxi or public transport up to this point (bus number 69 from Sutjeska Street). The road continues through the village and up the hill towards the Skakavac Nature Park. Continue straight through the woods and after about 4 kilometers, turn left and follow the narrow forest path to a scenic viewpoint just above the waterfall.


From Skakavac, there is a forest path, 20km long leading to Barice through Bukovik and Crepoljsko.


Barice (Puddles) resort is seven kilometers away from Sarajevo and is famous for magnificent views of the city. You can reach Barice by public transport from the city (Bus 64 from Koševo), by foot, bicycle or driving through Sedrenik. Between Barice and Čavljak there are several catering facilities, and just below the summit at Crepoljsko, there are another two catering facilities and a hunters lodge.


A gentle, 10 minutes stroll takes you from Barice to Crepoljsko, with “paradise like” landscapes which are just breathtaking. This location can be reached from the city by minibus, bicycle, 11km hike on foot, or by car through Hreša. This area is famous for clean, fresh air and is ideal location for short excursions.


Only 7km further up the road from Crepoljsko is Čavljak. You can reach Čavljak through Barice or from the city.”Čavljak Home” is only 9 kilometers away from Baščaršija, but has a great view over the city. The capacity is 25 beds, and there are quick and easy marked trails leading to Crepoljsko, Bukovik and Skakavac Waterfall.


All the facilities are open on weekends and national holidays or by prior arrangement.


At the top of Bukovik is a relay station and from this peak you can enjoy breathtaking views of Sarajevo and the surrounding mountains, and sometimes the view stretches all the way to the highest peak of Durmitor mountain in Montenegro.


Mountain Biking

Due to a large number of macadam (old type road) and forest roads, Ozren is suitable for mountain biking. Some of the tours are Barice-Čavljak-Skakavac and Borije-Crepoljsko-Skakavac, both approximately 33 km long. Much more demanding is the tour Sarajevo-Vučija luka-Čevljanovići-Bijambare which is 94km long.


The tour which leads through the slopes of Sarajevo starts at the old road from Dariva towards Borije. It then continues towards Hreša and Vučija luka, from where you can go either strait across the Ozren Plateau, or left through Crepoljsko to Bukovik.


If you are looking for a shorter tour, you can return relatively quickly from Crepoljsko to Čavljak, and then through Barice and Sedrenik to Baščaršija.


For true mountain bike lovers, we recommend the descend over Skakavac Waterfall.


The most beautiful view of the city...


A snow queen you can’t help but fall...


Where imagination becomes reality


A snow queen you can’t help but fall...


Treskavica (2088m) is located 30 km...


Romanija (1652m) literally means...


Ozren is considered the least steep...


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Top Attractions

Bascarsija & Sebilj

Ottoman era begins in 1461 when the city was founded by the first Bosnian governor Ishak-beg Isaković (Ishak Bay Isaković), a pioneer in planned construction.

City Hall

The new government displays superiority with large buildings. Aleksandar Vitek and Ćiril Iveković work on the design for Vijećnica (City Hall)

Gazi Husrev Beg Mosque

Another permanent stamp was left by Gazi Husrev Beg (Gazi Husrev Bey), triple Bosnian Steward and Builder.In 1530, with his own money, he built the most monumental building of Islamic culture in B&H

Orthodox Church

As Orthodox grew in numbers, so did the need to build a new church. It took over a decade to build one and it was completed in the last years of the Ottoman rule in 1874.