Moving around town If you decide to use public city transport, you will have a tram, trolleybus, bus and minibus network that will allow you to reach any significant location in Sarajevo. sftk-cld01 sftk-round01 sftk-rck01 sftk-svg01 sftk-ply cloud03 sftk-climg03 sftk-elp01-1 Ban15

If you decide to use public city transport, you will have a tram, trolleybus, bus and minibus network that will allow you to reach any significant location in Sarajevo.

The city transport ticket is mandatory and you can buy it on kiosks (1,60 KM) or by driver (1,80 KM). The card must be annulled after entering the vehicle.



Line 1: Baščaršija – Train / Bus Station
Line 2: Baščaršija – Čengić villa
Line 3: Baščaršija – Ilidža
Line 4: Ilidža – Train / Bus Station
Line 5: Unhappy – Baščaršija
Line 6: Ilidža – Skenderija
Line 7: Nedžariči  – Skenderija



Line 101: Otoka – Drvenija – Trg Austrije
Line 102: Otoka – Jezero
Line 103: Dobrinja – Drvenija – Trg Austrije
Line 104: Mojmilo – Drvenija – Trg Austrije



There is also a large number of bus and minibus lines linking the city center with sloping settlements and the suburbs of Sarajevo. The most frequent bus line is the one that drives from the Town Hall to the Dobrinja settlement (Line 31E).



There are several taxi companies operating in Sarajevo that provide transportation services at very affordable prices compared to other European countries. The starting price for taxi vehicles in most cases is 1.5 KM, while each additional kilometer is charged at 1 KM.

Sarajevo taxi 1515
Red taxi 76 06 00
Samir & Emir taxi 1516
Paja 033 15 22
Holland taxi  033 431 111
Kale taxi 033 570 900



Sarajevo offers the possibility of cycling around the city. Most of the city has marked hiking trails.

Unleash a bike through the terminal, mobile app or smart card and enjoy driving!

Nextbike is available in the following locations: BBI, Alta Shopping Center, Importanne Center, location of the Zmaja Street from Bosna 47 (Hotel Bristol), location in Novi Grad Municipality, Sports and Recreation Center Safet Zajko, Hotel Radon Plaza and Dobrinja.

30 minutes free ride every day, and after 30 minutes free of charge, for each individual bicycle rental up to 60 minutes, a fee of 1,50 KM / h.


To rent a car you need to have an international driving license. Most international rent-a-car agencies, as well as domestic operations at the International Airport Sarajevo. Most companies will provide you with the car’s request at the address.In addition to the car, you can rent a van, minibus or bus in Sarajevo.The rental price of the vehicle ranges from 50 to 500 KM, depending on the class you are looking for.


Rent a scooter

Beebee doo Sarajevo
Ul. Branislava Nušića 160 Sarajevo
BeeBee e-scooters  – A brilliant opportunity for the way forward

Riding a Beebee scooter is the perfect way to get around the city, while sparing it from both noise and pollution.  A great thing about ride a Beebee is that you can ride as good as all over and park almost anywhere in the city. But it’s important to remember that the streets belong to everyone.
Get rolling in no time by following the simple steps below.
  1. Download the Beebee app and register with your mobile number., add a bank card, buy beebee credits
  2. Locate an available scooter nearby using the map function in the app.
  3. Scan the QR code of the scooter to unlock it.
  4. Hop on the scooter and push off with your foot a few times to get it rolling before you use the throttle.
  5. End your ride in the app to make the scooter available for someone else.

Get a day pass or a week subscription and take as many Beebee rides as you want for a fixed price.

Price: 0.99 KM for unlock + 0.20 KM/min

Visit Sarajevo
Mobile Application

Offline City Guide

Visit Sarajevo App is an offline City Guide of Sarajevo with interactive map you can carry in your pocket. 


Must see

Top Attractions

Bascarsija & Sebilj

Ottoman era begins in 1461 when the city was founded by the first Bosnian governor Ishak-beg Isaković (Ishak Bay Isaković), a pioneer in planned construction.

City Hall

The new government displays superiority with large buildings. Aleksandar Vitek and Ćiril Iveković work on the design for Vijećnica (City Hall)

Gazi Husrev Beg Mosque

Another permanent stamp was left by Gazi Husrev Beg (Gazi Husrev Bey), triple Bosnian Steward and Builder.In 1530, with his own money, he built the most monumental building of Islamic culture in B&H

Orthodox Church

As Orthodox grew in numbers, so did the need to build a new church. It took over a decade to build one and it was completed in the last years of the Ottoman rule in 1874.