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ULUPUBIH – Association of Applied Artists and Designers of Bosnia and Herzegovina is a professional organization of fine art artists dealing with applied art and design in Bosnia and Herzegovina, founded in 1954. Artists are voluntarily associated for the pursuit of their professional rights and interests, as well as for promoting and participating in cultural, artistic, public and political life.

Currently, we have about 270 members, divided by sections: graphic design, photography, interior design, industrial design, fashion design, costume design and scenography, multimedia design, unique design, conservation and restoration and design theories.

A newly opened ULUPUBiH Gallery is located at Koševo 7. street, with the aim of promoting art creations of members of the Association.

In the Gallery you can find artistically designed unique objects of reference artists: from jewelry, sculptures, photos, unique designs, paintings, prints, tapestries, unique bags, fashion design creations. You can also find special book editions such as – about bosančica, monographs, children’s picture books, postcards, posters, etc.

The Gallery helps the artist to promote their creations and gives them the opportunity to make contact with potential buyers and potential galleries.

At the moment, the ULUPUBiH Gallery hosts the event “UMJETNOST U IZLOGU” (“ART IN SHOPWINDOW”), in which an artist presents his recent works and where visitors can personally meet and talk about authors’ works and other topics related to art and culture in a period of 15 days.

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