Benjamina Karić, Mayor of Sarajevo and Kenan Magoda, President of the Sarajevo Canton Tourist Board visited Mostar where they were hosted by Mario Nenadić, Mayor of Mostar and Andrija Krešić, President of the HNK / HNŽ Tourist Board, on the occasion of the agreement on strengthening cooperation between Sarajevo and Mostar.



“Tourism is one of the very important pillars of the Bosnian economy and I believe that Sarajevo and Mostar will have exceptional quality cooperation in the future. There are no barriers between us and we must look forward together. Mostar is in the hearts of many Sarajevans, just as Sarajevo is in the hearts of many Mostar citizens, ”said Mayor Karić.


At the meeting in Mostar, ideas for the development of tourism were exchanged, as well as different ideas on how to make the best souvenir and how to jointly make the tourist offer of Bosnia and Herzegovina. cities, Mostar and Sarajevo.



“We are absolutely in favor of cooperation between the two cities in order to create a tourist offer that will keep tourists in our country longer,” said Mayor Kordic, explaining that according to current indicators, tourists spend up to two days in these cities, which he considers unjustified.


The mayors shared their ideas on the development of tourism with tourism workers, and agreed on their opinions.


Kenan Magoda, on behalf of the Sarajevo Canton  Tourist Board, underlined the importance of developing a tourism strategy after the coronavirus pandemic. He added that the development trends of other European cities should be followed, and good examples should be followed, such as the skywalk at Fortica in Mostar, which, as he said, changed the “blood picture” of Mostar, and Sarajevo should be followed. Magoda emphasized that only together Sarajevo and Mostar can keep tourists for a long time, and announced that they will work to promote Mostar and Sarajevo at tourism fairs in the region and the world.


Andrija Krešić expressed hope for a better tourist season compared to last year.


Mayor Kordić presented Mayor Karić with the souvenir “key of the city of Mostar” and said that next time there should be no announcement because now he has the key.

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