The Tourist Board of Sarajevo Canton, together with members of the tourism industry, sent an initiative regarding current epidemiological measures in Sarajevo Canton, to the addresses of the FBiH and Governments of Sarajevo Canton, FBiH and Ministries of Health of Sarajevo Canton, and FBiH and Crisis Staffs of Sarajevo Canton.


Having in mind the positive world practice, we believe that the situation in BiH allows the application of similar activities in the revival of cultural, entertainment and sports life, and tourism in general.


The signatories of the initiative are of a united opinion in order to recover tourism and BiH. economies in general, support and demand accelerated action in removing all existing barriers, in order to at least partially return social life to normal flows and contribute to the success of the upcoming tourist season.


With this initiative, we seek the relaxation of measures that involve the support of authorities, such as European and world governments, which are working intensively to find adequate and new solutions, since it is obvious that solutions and different modalities of cultural and entertainment events already exist.


The aim is to jointly analyze the current epidemiological situation, and in coordination with the relevant ministries, governments and crisis staffs to apply the same or similar methodologies and examples of good practice, when creating new measures. In general, the goal is the realization of cultural and entertainment content in a pandemic and new epidemiological measures, with the application of examples of good practice of countries in the region and the world, with the intention to start cultural life and begin the recovery of tourism.

We believe that the epidemiological situation is favorable and that tourists should be allowed to enter not only with a PCR test, but also with proof of vaccination or proof of a corona or a negative antigen test. We suggest that visitors be given a quick test before the event or event begins.

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