Mikser House

Mikser is a multidisciplinary platform that encourages the development of the creative economy of the country and the region, establishing dialogue between contemporary global tendencies and local and regional practice.

Mikser House presents a new concept of the cultural institution, which connects cultural, educational, and commercial activities in a multifunctional space originating in the creative transformation of an old city warehouse. Today, at the site of the former industrial garage in Savamala, now one of the most promising Belgrade neighborhoods, Mikser House contributes to the new transformations of this part of the city, turning it into a cultural district.

Within a very short time, Mikser House earned recognition as a regional design center dedicated to the development and advancement of talent from the region. In addition to a broad spectrum of cultural activities – exhibitions, lectures, promotions, concerts, panel discussions, workshops, festivals, theater performances and educational programs, implemented in collaboration with various partners, an integral part of Mikser House is also the Balkan Design Store, which brings together a selection of the best local and regional designers and their handicrafts at one location.

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