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Balkantina is a team of people who are connected by their love of the delicious food that is prepared during the special tours they offer to help guests acquire a better feeling for Sarajevo’s culinary offering and everyday life in Sarajevo, as well as to share some interesting stories.

The aim of all the tours is to lead guests far from the well-trodden tourist areas and to take them to some authentic locations that are familiar to locals, allowing visitors to experience the unique identity and culinary heritage that has been passed down through the generations.

Besides unique food tours through Bosnia and Herzegovina, we offer five different tours that will acquaint you with the Sarajevo tradition of spit-roasted lamb and you can try some other delicious national specialties, enjoy a refreshing stein of beer or a small glass of fine domestic brandy. There is also a special “sweet tour” that provides access to tasty cakes and sweets – a must-try part of any Sarajevo visit. The agency also offers a unique war-oriented tour which aims to help guests gain a better idea of how people ate and lived in besieged Sarajevo.

Experience Sarajevo by visiting authentic locations and trying the same food that Sarajevans eat!

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