Mountains Jahorina – A snow
queen you can’t help
but fall in love with
There are two roads from Sarajevo to Mt. Jahorina – the main road of 28 km via Pale and 32 km road via Trebević. J ahorina (1913 m) is a famous winter ski resort dating back as early as 1923 when the very first skis were brought and the first hotel was built. sftk-ply dot4 dot

There is only a handful of places like Jahorina, where nature has been so generous, giving it all that makes it attractive and appreciated by top athletes, hunters, fishermen, hikers or anyone else eager to fully enjoy the peace and tranquillity of natural beauty. The clean mountain air revives not only the body but the soul too. Its serene, distant and beautiful views or snow-covered slopes, springs and streams or its diverse flora and fauna surely make it one of the most beautiful  gems of Bosnia and Herzegovina.


Winter sports

During the summer Jahorina is covered with green grass and in the winter with up to 3 meters snow. Such favourable weather conditions and an abundance of snow  allow 170 skiing days a year on well-maintained trails and tracks.


In January 1975  Jahorina hosted the European Cup for Men and  Women’s World Cup Golden Fox. In 1977, the International Ski Federation included  the European Cup at Jahorina in their official competitions. Nicknamed the ‘snowy beauty’, at the time of the 14th Winter Olympic Games in 1984, Jahorina was a venue for competitions in alpine skiing disciplines for women, as well as the finals of the World Cup slalom in 1987.


Jahorina G-slalom for Women:

Jahorina had three competition tracks verified by The International Ski Federation for slalom, giant slalom and downhill skiing, and thus, has always been a popular destination for winter sports aficionados (alpine skiing, cross country skiing, snowboarding). Over 20 km of well-maintained trails, extending from 1,200 m to 1,890 m above sea level, and nine ski lifts (three six-seaters, two two-seaters, three ski lifts, one baby ski lift), create a perfect atmosphere for all winter sports lovers . The  trails still bear the names  ‘Olympic Downhill’, ‘Olympic G-Slalom’ and ‘Olympic Slalom’.


In addition to accommodation facilities in a number of hotels, guest houses and private accommodation, Jahorina tourist centre offers a number of amenities for a comfortable stay. There are sports facilities for football, basketball, volleyball, handball and football, suitable for both professionals and amateurs. Fans of extreme sports can enjoy mountain biking, quad bikes and paragliding. Hiking and gathering of berries and herbs are always highly popular.


Nightlife on Jahorina

To relax after an activity-filled day, visitors of Jahorina tourist centre can unwind in the wellness centre with swimming pools, saunas, steam baths, massage parlours, solariums and jacuzzi. Business people have conference rooms at their disposal, as well as facilities for seminars and conferences.


After sunset, Jahorina offers the possibility of night skiing and a quality night out in many restaurants and clubs.


Hiking – trails


Ski Centre Jahorina – Ogorjelica (1916 meters above sea level)
Length: 11 km


From Sarajevo neighbourhood of Bentbaša via Pale, head towards Ski Centre Jahorina where you can park your car. The journey starts in front of Bistrica Hotel towards Jahorina Hotel, where we take the gravel road forward. We will cross the ski trail twice before we reach the source of the Prača River. Further through dense forest, there are four springs located at about 1 km from the main road. Going back to the main route, we reach the point where it branches off to the left towards Milošev Dol and becomes steeper.


On the way towards the top of Milošev Dol, there is a scenic viewpoint overlooking Mt. Romanija range, and on the top, next to the springs named Durmitor, we reach the highest grazing plateau of Jahorina from which we follow the path along the plateau, leading to the highest point –  peak Ogorjelica (1916 meters above sea level).


Mountain biking


There is an easy track of 53 km from the Sarajevo neighbourhood of Vraca via Jahorina and Pale, while a medium difficulty track with a length of 45.5 km runs via Dvorišta to Tilava.


Welcome to Jahorina!



Daily ticket
weekends 39/29 BAM
weekdays 34/27 BAM
Half days
30/20 BAM
for 4 hours of skiing
One week ski passadults 188 BAM
children 135 BAM
Season ticket
with no night skiing
720 BAM for adults
450 BAM for children
Night skiing18 BAM
Season ticket on weekdays300 BAM for adults
200 BAM for children.

Ski equipment can be rented at the ski resort.

For more information contact Olympic Center Jahorina and Tourist Organisation East Sarajevo.


The most beautiful view of the city...


A snow queen you can’t help but fall...


Where imagination becomes reality


A snow queen you can’t help but fall...


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Must see

Top Attractions

Bascarsija & Sebilj

Ottoman era begins in 1461 when the city was founded by the first Bosnian governor Ishak-beg Isaković (Ishak Bay Isaković), a pioneer in planned construction.

City Hall

The new government displays superiority with large buildings. Aleksandar Vitek and Ćiril Iveković work on the design for Vijećnica (City Hall)

Gazi Husrev Beg Mosque

Another permanent stamp was left by Gazi Husrev Beg (Gazi Husrev Bey), triple Bosnian Steward and Builder.In 1530, with his own money, he built the most monumental building of Islamic culture in B&H

Orthodox Church

As Orthodox grew in numbers, so did the need to build a new church. It took over a decade to build one and it was completed in the last years of the Ottoman rule in 1874.